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Is a Trust Right for You?

August 03, 2023 Peter Donisanu
Gen One Legacy
Is a Trust Right for You?
Show Notes

Asset protection, securely transferring wealth, and keeping your family's finances on track no matter what life throws at you. Who doesn't want that, right? Well, these outcomes were top of mind for Craig, a devoted husband, a father of two, and a tech professional.

Now, having built a successful career and arriving at a solid place in life financially, Craig grew increasingly concerned about his family's financial stability. That's because Craig had earned a lot in his career and wanted to ensure that his family could manage it all if he passed away unexpectedly.

And so, Craig did some digging online and found a way to handle his money even if he wasn't around. In fact, he learned that the estate planning technique of a trust is when someone takes care of your money and gives it to others according to his established rules.

What's more, Craig learned that trusts are a valuable way to safeguard his family's finances, maintain their privacy, and make it easier to manage his estate. Now, after conducting further research and consulting with a trusted advisor, Craig decided to create a trust. 

And this decision marked the beginning of his journey towards financial expertise and reinforced his commitment as a responsible family man.

Indeed, a trust can be a powerful expression of love for your family's future and help guide them to make wise choices with the wealth you've accumulated.

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