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Train Your Brain, Build Your Fortune: The Power of Mental Rehearsal

June 22, 2023 Peter Donisanu
The FI Mastery Podcast
Train Your Brain, Build Your Fortune: The Power of Mental Rehearsal
Show Notes

When was the last time you mentally rehearsed how you're going to make your financial goals a reality?

Well, whether you're a skeptic or a die-hard proponent of mental rehearsal, you can take a lesson from Craig, who used this approach to fast-track his financial progress toward his essential life goals.

Now, Craig had a decent job as a middle manager in a tech company and was making good money, but not the kind of money where he could call himself rich. Even so, Craig had big dreams. And his goal was to hit a net worth of $10 million before the age of 50.

Sounds like a tall order, right?

Well, this was especially the case given that he was already halfway through his thirties and only had a fraction of that amount saved.

That's when Craig realized that he needed a financial game changer, something totally different from what he was currently doing to reach his lofty goal.

Now, you know how sometimes the craziest ideas come from the most unlikely places? Well, a friend told Craig about a book that he was reading and it was all about the power of mental rehearsal. 

This is the same approach used by many top professional athletes before each competition. 

Well, by doing so, Craig could almost taste the life he was dreaming of, and it drove him to push even harder toward his financial goals.

And, so, what happened?

Well, as he spent more time mentally rehearsing the life he wanted, Craig noticed he was more willing to take more risks. 

He asked for that promotion he'd been eyeing, he got serious about his disciplined investment strategy, and even began exploring side hustles to diversify his income. And wouldn't you know it, his net worth started to climb faster than he ever thought was possible.

And here's the kicker: just after his 48th birthday, Craig hit his goal a full two years earlier than planned. And at that point, he was standing in his beachfront home, traveling the world and giving scholarships to needy kids. 

But the best part? 

It wasn't just about the money. Craig found that the real magic was in the journey and the incredible power of mental rehearsal that got him there.

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